John Tron`s Asian Sex Travel Diary

Whoremonger John Tron came to the Philippines about a year ago. Initially his plan was to take a few months off to enjoy his life in the sun, hunt some Asian girls and get laid every night. He started a small personal travel diary where he uploaded daily video episodes of his life to show his friends back home what they are missing. To his surprise, this project started to get thousands of daily visitors from all around the world within no time. Punters loved his videos and followed his daily adventures in the Philippines. It was obviously a huge success and John Tron tasted blood. He bought new camera equipment, constantly improved his filming and video editing skills and invested a lot of hard work into general website design. Tron teamed up with the fellows of Trike Patrol who helped him getting his site running and the result of all his efforts can now be experienced at his newly opened ASIAN SEX DIARY. Not enough, John decided to move on and travel to other Asian countries as well. Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, you name it, to bring his fans the variety of delicious pussy Asia has to offer. This is not your average porn site, this is a real-life sex travel documentary live from Asia. John updates his site EVERY day with travel secrets, insider tips to lesser known monger destinations (have you ever heard of Danok, Thailand?) and of course exclusive Asian girls. With his ASIAN SEX DIARY, John Tron is living the dream of every whoremonger.

Travel Sex Documentary

Check out John Tron`s daily updated travel documentary ASIAN SEX DIARY

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