Puerto Galera, Mindoro

I spent the last few days visiting a friend in Puerto Galera, Mindoro and together we explored the nearby beaches. What a big difference this place is compared to the noisy and polluted Angeles City. I almost felt like in a different country. There are a few bars with available girls in Sabang as well but coming straight from AC I didn`t really care about it. For me, Puerto Galera and its nearby beaches are just perfect when I have enough of Angeles and want to escape its madness for some time. The whole place has a totally different feeling than AC or Subic to it and I really enjoyed my time there. Like Boracay there is a White Beach on Mindoro as well, almost as nice but less touristy, which for me is a plus. With its high mountains covered with jungle, the tropical island of Mindoro has a very laid-back and adventurous vibe to it. It almost felt like starring in a Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park movie.

banka Puerto Galera, Mindoro
mindoro beach Puerto Galera, Mindoro
tamaraw beach Puerto Galera, Mindoro
puertogalera beach Puerto Galera, Mindoro
white beach Puerto Galera, Mindoro
sunset Puerto Galera, Mindoro

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