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John Tron`s Asian Sex Travel Diary

Whoremonger John Tron came to the Philippines about a year ago. Initially his plan was to take a few months off to enjoy his life in the sun, hunt some Asian girls and get laid every night. He started a small personal travel diary where he uploaded daily video episodes of his life to show his friends back home what they are missing. To his surprise, this project started to get thousands of daily visitors from all around the world within no time. … [Read More...]


Angeles City



Retro Style Asian Girl

Playing around with my cheap-ass 100 bucks camera and Snapseed, I found this cute girl in a small Perimeter bar the other day. Hot as hell with a killer smile to die for. I really like the results I … [Read More...]


Natural Filipina Beauty

How would you guys rate this natural Filipina cutie ? Sweet like a piece of chocolate cake and thanks to her gorgeous smile, she`s a solid 8 in my book. Yes, I know what you are going to say but I was … [Read More...]


Thai Girls Rock !

I never get enough of these Thai coyote dancers. This sexy Siam cat really knows how to move her rock hard body. I can see my old butt sitting in the front row giving her the drop jaw. What a heavenly … [Read More...]


Happy New Year !

Happy New Year everybody. Here we are now in 2014 already and it`s really amazing how quick time goes by. Good luck and lots of Asian pussies to all of you. May the juice be with you ! … [Read More...]